The best resources for teaching kids about Martin Luther King, Jr. has compiled the top worksheets to help teachers structure their Martin Luther King, Jr. Day lesson plans.

As January 15th approaches, take this opportunity to teach your class about the history, achievements, and legacy of Dr. King. Through these lessons, you can start a larger conversation about diversity, understanding, and empathy.

Explore Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and legacy, and put the events in order using the resources below.

The first timeline is available digitally as an Interactive Worksheet—no printing required. Students will read a short passage and drag and then drop key dates to paint a full picture of MLK’s impact. You can complete it on a smart board as a class, or assign the worksheet to each student in your roster using the Assignment feature.

The second timeline guides kids through a hands-on activity, which means that with some paper and markers, you can learn about the key events of Dr. King’s meaningful life.

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